jeudi 15 mai 2014

Les Nuits Bota... bad news, Julie Ruin ne viendra pas!

Le groupe annonce...

Hey All, we are ridiculously sad to announce that all shows/appearances are cancelled until September 2014. Kathleen has been outspoken about her struggle with Lyme Disease and she is currently having a health crisis and has been advised by her doctor to start a difficult 3-month course of treatment immediately. The treatment plan will make it impossible for her to travel. We are disappointed to postpone these appearances, however we are confident that taking this time off will allow Kathleen to heal so that we can continue touring in the future. Thank you so much for your support and we are so sorry we can’t come out and see you right now.

Le programme des Nuits prédisait... salle- Orangerie!
 The Julie Ruin - Traams - Hospitality: Mardi 20.05.14

Consultez le site du Botanique pour plus de précisions.

Dernière minute: JoyCut remplace Julie Ruin!