mardi 19 avril 2016

Gare terminus pour Robbie Brennan et Pete Yellin!

Pete Yellin, saxophoniste de jazz de New-York, est décédé la semaine dernière.
S' il a sorti six albums sous son nom, il est surtout connu pour avoir accompagné des pointures du jazz:  Eddie Palmieri, George Benson, Machito, Chick Corea, Tito Puente, Joe Henderson...among others.
Chick Corea lui rend hommage:
To Pete Yellin, my dear friend and Musical Teammate for a lifetime. Thanks for your dedication to Music throughout your whole productive life. You have made a big difference by your heartfelt contributions – and you have lifted the spirits of all the souls your music touched.
For me you were a true friend and so kind to help me get to know the Big City where I found my musical heroes, my musical home and my musical self. The early ’60s when we had that cool Latin quintet with Milford Graves and Bill Fitch. The time we spent playing with Joe Henderson and all the other musical times we had together discovering the beauties and depths of the music we loved and still love most. The fun we had together in the studio making your recording – – and the times you came down to hear my new bands in Oakland. All the best of memories. Thank you.
Gayle and I send our condolences to Pete’s family and close friends. And thank you Jane for keeping Pete and I in touch. Onward to all our future Adventures.
Armando Antonio “Chick” Corea

Le batteur  Robbie Brennan était une figure populaire de la scène rock irlandaise, et  ce depuis les sixties.
Son nom est associé à Skid Row, Stepaside, The Chosen Few, Auto Da Fé, Grand Slam que son pote Phil Lynott avait fondé après Thin Lizzy, Johnny Duhan's Band, The Fleadh Cowboys ou Scullion.
Lui aussi a quitté ce bas monde il y a une semaine!
Johnny Duhan's Band, The Fleadh Cowboys, Scullion
Johnny Duhan's Band, The Fleadh Cowboys, Scullion