mercredi 26 février 2014

Décès de Kelly Holland, ex-frontman de Cry of Love.

Facebook/ un fan du groupe The Point, un des premiers bands de Kelly Holland.

back in 89, i was taken to a local bar. the infamous mad monk. i was new in town and didn't know a whole about the place or talent. the night i go, the local band "The Point" was playing. at the time they were doing about 50-50 covers vs originals. i walked out of the bar that night a fan for life. i was drawn immediately to the lead singer. he had the perfect lead singer charisma. knew how to play an audience and could sing with distinction. i never missed a show after that night. as they became more confident the original songs took over. the songs they wrote were incredible for a local unsigned band. to this day, i still listen to a demo tape they made.they became the talk of the town and the hottest ticket. big headling bands were booed of the stage, to bring back The Point from opening. after deciding to call it quits after a few years, the lead singer went and joined CRY of LOVE. they immediately got a record deal. they made several videos, had a number of hits and toured the world. today that lead singer, kelly holland, passed away. a true loss to the music world. rest in peace kelly, thanks for the many, many memories.

Kelly Holland avait 52 ans, de 1991 à 1994 il chantait et tenait la guitare au sein du Southern/ classic rock band Cry of Love, souvent comparé à Aerosmith ou Bad Company.
1993, il enregistre 'Brother' avec le groupe, le disque se vend bien , pas de bol, il est saqué en 1994.
Robert Mason de Lynch Mob, et désormais Warrant, prendra sa place.
Kelly Holland poursuivra une carrière obscure jouant même dans différents coverbands. 
Il est décédé le 24 février, from a severe abdominal infection!